About the Artist

I am a visual artist, writer, film-maker, and performer interested in non-consensual reality, outsidership, empathy, authenticity and absurdity.Themes in my practice are shedding skins and labels to see the heart behind things; challenging the concept and value of normality; making ordinary life extraordinary; flight; finding light in dark places, and insisting dreams have more substance and essence than average reality.I have been labelled ‘mad’ by society. My work aims to show I make perfect sense.I am a woman. I am biracial. I am gay. I am disabled. I like peeling off labels, even though people tell me to stop it.If you want a purely intellectual approach to art and life, you have come to the wrong person. If you want art to bypass the intellect to touch the soul, make you laugh, turn on the light, subvert and protest any injustices, then take a ticket, I will be with you shortly.http://www.creativedebuts.co.uk/artists/dolly-sen/

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